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Ahegao Hoodies – Top Winter Picks For Anime Fans

Winter is coming and it is time to find the most comfortable and trending hoodie to style. If your favorite hoodie goes missing or breaks down after years of use, and you are in trouble finding the best hoodie for this winter, this blog article is for you. For fans of Ahegao hoodies, we’ve been […]

Best-Selling Anime 3D Light Lamps In 2021

Best-Selling Anime 3D Light Lamps In 2021

If you’re looking for a new anime light lamp for your room, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll review 5 best-selling anime 3d light lamps that are currently trending on Anime 3D Lamp Official Store.   1. Pokemon 3D lamp – PIKACHU Led Anime Lamp This magical Pikachu LED lamp is a […]

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

Whether you’ve found all of the hidden messages or there are still some Omori secrets left to be discovered, these hidden facts caught my eye. 5. The Floating Mirror Jump Scare A unique, subtle feature of the game is the inclusion thousands of floating mirrors scattered across the dream world. These interactive pieces allow for […]

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How to Get Started With The To Your Eternity Anime & Manga

From the creator of A Silent Voice comes a new anime that doesn’t go anywhere, with constant growth in popularity thanks to positive reviews. Here’s how you can get started on experiencing To Your Eternity—or any new anime or manga! From Yoshitoki Ōima, creator of the widely acclaimed A Silent Voice, To Your Eternity started […]

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5 Things The To Your Eternity Manga Does Better Than The Anime

To Your Eternity is a faithful, well-made anime adaptation. Yet, some of its details are best portrayed in the original manga. Some adaptations stay faithful to a source material during the format, while they add others new mediums to construct a deeper, expressive world. The To Your Eternity adaptation falls into this second category because […]

To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

The anime “To Your Eternity” isn’t just sad — it’s heart-wrenching. The emotions are just everywhere in each episode. “To Your Eternity” has a lot of heart-wrenching and bittersweet moments. One could even call this, “To Your Suffering,” because of all the feels it gives! However, now that the season is over, all we can […]

What Is An Artisan Keycap?

How an artisan keycap is made? What made a keycap artisan is, clearly, the historically handmade issue. We will’t simply print the entire thing and dip it in a coloration pool then name it an artisan keycap. There are nonetheless dwarfs and other people sitting a complete day lengthy to color each tiny element. And […]

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