How to Get Started With The To Your Eternity Anime & Manga

From the creator of A Silent Voice comes a new anime that doesn’t go anywhere, with constant growth in popularity thanks to positive reviews. Here’s how you can get started on experiencing To Your Eternity—or any new anime or manga!

How to Get Started With The To Your Eternity Anime & Manga

From Yoshitoki Ōima, creator of the widely acclaimed A Silent Voice, To Your Eternity started publication as a manga in 2016 and has since been adapted into an Anime with a release date scheduled for 2021. The story follows an immortal being who was placed on Earth as an orb to learn about humans and takes place in, the being named Fushi learns what it really means to be human through meeting various characters.

Do you love the genre of anime and manga? Looking for a new series to watch? Check out To Your Eternity, which is emotional and touching story from different walks of life. It’s a relatively new series, but here are some things you should know about it…

Where To Read The To Your Eternity Manga

How to Get Started With The To Your Eternity Anime & Manga

The story of Fushi as he travels around learning about humanity originates from the manga with books available on Crunchyroll. It originally debuted in Issue #50 of Kodansha\’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine back in 2016 and has since been compiled into a printed volume released in 2017. Unlike other popular manga that can be found on Viz’s Shonen Jump, To Your Eternity is unfortunately unavailable but they are currently posting the Simuldub chapter by chapter as they are released in Japan.

For those who prefer the traditional hard copies, published volumes can be found at major online booksellers, and in physical stores. Both versions provide the rich story of Fushi and Mimi, but the manga will give readers all six 12-volume manga series as it was meant to be seen, without alterations to text or visual style. The anime is certainly emotional and complex, and luckily for anime fans with a limited view on Manga, it has all six different volumes complete.

Where To Watch The To Your Eternity Anime

You can now watch To Your Eternity, the new anime adaptation for yourself with Crunchyroll. The anime is directed by Masahiko Murata and was originally scheduled to be released in Fall 2019 but was postponed to spring 2020 so it would air at the prime time of April. Some claim that this adaptation didn’t have emotional resonance like A Silent Voice, but it’s popularity has reached highly.

To Your Eternity is already available on Crunchyroll and is highly recommend you watch it over there, but physical versions of the Blu-ray/DVD are still up in the air. You might be able to purchase them through Amazon if you want.

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