5 Things The To Your Eternity Manga Does Better Than The Anime

To Your Eternity is a faithful, well-made anime adaptation. Yet, some of its details are best portrayed in the original manga.

5 Things The To Your Eternity Manga Does Better Than The Anime

Some adaptations stay faithful to a source material during the format, while they add others new mediums to construct a deeper, expressive world. The To Your Eternity adaptation falls into this second category because of its opening music. The opening sequence captures many of the captivating moments in a thrilling way. However, it wasn’t promised any type of hype like many other titles do.

There are still a few interesting points about this manga that the anime didn’t quite accomplish. Let’s take a look at them in order to help fans make their own decision of which format to enjoy this series.

1. The Manga Is More “Empty”, Which Can Be A Good Thing

Yoshitoki Oima makes her intentions clear in the To Your Eternity manga with indications of when a heartbreaking moment is going to happen, or with some sparse backgrounds and paneling to draw focus.

The anime does not focus as much on scenes where only one perspective is important or when big things happen in a white void. There are moments that excel and that is why the manga succeeds in these parts whereas the anime struggles.

2. The Manga’s Scenery Feels More “At Peace”

Regardless of the genre, manga often feels more peaceful in an audiovisual medium. The craft must rely on subtle details and visual composition to build strong moments on paper.

In the anime Fushigi Yuugi, there is one particular moment that the views fell into love with. The Manga travels from the snowy landscape to the forest until he reached an area with painted scenery. The sounds of nature can now be heard as well as feet through grass and snow. When readers imagine this scene, they get a more visual feel and also lose some sight of what’s happening in order to picture the story better.

3. The Manga Plays With Angles & “Camera Lenses” More

To Your Eternity, which is adaptation of the browser game by Brain’s Base has been fantastic in almost every way, especially in terms of the action. The series is becoming a fantastic gateway for newcomers to the medium. However, the animation team have made some decisions about scene composition that aren’t as impactful as they were in the manga.

One way that Masayuki add detail and dimension to his panels is through the use of camera angles and perspective. When in the manga, Oniguma captures Parona at the peak of her struggle to free herself from his clutches, we can see a bit of distortion in her arms, which identify her as the helpless prey who is not able to stop him from taking action. In contrast, for the anime adaptation, Shingeki uses a more “head-on” angle

4. More Fine Details In The Art

While the anime initially seems less in number of frames or detail compared to the manga, it is still just as perfect and clear when viewing them both together. However, selections of angles those appear in scenes can vary. While the mangaka places a scene at an angle that perfectly showcases what happens in the context of the event, this is not always mirrored in an angle within an anime adaptation.

With no need to worry about backgrounds, mangaka can make more detailed drawings. This is the most apparent when they do illustrations in a scene, like those of the dramatized manga scenes. Set pieces have a natural advantage that can sometimes be gutted out by the difference in detail if the illustration is not adapted right.

5. Telling More Of The Story In Less Time & Images

Anime studios primarily work with a 16:9 video grid, or 4:3 on a page. Meanwhile manga composers have to consider photography-originated square images; one layer with height of 353mm and a width of 250mm.

Manga tells stories different-artistically than anime. The manga of To Your Eternity tells parts of the story through claustrophobic, tightly-focused panels and hyper-zoomed ones rather than the dynamic perspective of animation. Yet, the manga’s compositions are breathtaking and convey a sense that the layout was planned into paintings—not added after it was already in production.

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