To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments
To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

The anime “To Your Eternity” isn’t just sad — it’s heart-wrenching. The emotions are just everywhere in each episode. “To Your Eternity” has a lot of heart-wrenching and bittersweet moments. One could even call this, “To Your Suffering,” because of all the feels it gives!

However, now that the season is over, all we can do is think fondly about it. The amazing story, together with its wonderful soundtrack and visuals, carried a lot of depth. Don’t you think so? It’s an undeniable fact that “To Your Eternity” tugs our heartstrings.

Instead of putting away the feels, we might as well enumerate the most heart-wrenching moments from “To Your Eternity” and cry all together! And so, for fun [and pain], here they are. Enjoy!

1. When the Nameless Boy Journeys to Paradise

Nameless Boy

The pilot blew all of us away. This first episode was really “ouchie,” especially seeing the Nameless Boy so strong and optimistic. Suddenly, he breaks down in tears as he loses hope. He journeys back home but doesn’t get any better either. In the end, though, he does get to walk to paradise…

The moment of this build-up was so curious and extraordinary. Pioran and Parona were telling March that she’ll grow up, learn a lot of things, and fulfill her dreams of becoming a Mom. All the while, they were already under attack. All March wanted was to be of help to her sister…

Undeniably, this is the most surprising, frustrating, and heart-wrenching moment in “To Your Eternity.” They were so close to escaping. So close! Thus, my hatred for Hayase is immense. It was satisfying to see her clawed by Oniguma-Fushi, but it is just too painful to think about how it was too late. Oh, precious March.

2. When Parona Grieves

To Your Eternity Episode 5 — March's Journey - Anime Corner

The grief following right after is really the most heart-crushing. After some nostalgic flashbacks, Parona is in emotional anguish caused by March’s death and hopes to “follow” her sister. Ghost-March, who’s been crying and denying her death, becomes hysterical as she begs her older sister to not kill herself. Fushi stops Parona with a pained and sad expression.

Looking back, this is the loss with the most weight. Definitely the most heart-wrenching moment from “To Your Eternity.”

3. Despite Everything, When Gugu is Still A Good Boy

To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments
To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

Fushi’s journey allows him to meet Gugu who becomes his sworn brother. Gugu’s story gives us one heartache after another — from being abandoned by his brother, getting into a terrible accident, and having to live as a “monster” behind a mask. That’s a lot of painful stuff! Despite all of that, he still remains hardworking, positive, and kind. Very wholesome.

In the words of the old booze man, “Surviving heartache will help you become a much more cultivated human being.” It’s a reminder that heartache makes us stronger. Does surviving this series count as us being strong?

4. When Gugu Protects Rean 

To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments
To Your Eternity: The 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments

For a long while, Gugu and Rean’s love story unfolded very charmingly before us. However, it ended before it started. They were cornered into a desperate situation when the Knockers attacked, but their feelings finally reached each other. Underground, Gugu bleeds as he tells Rean he loves her. With tears of happiness [and sadness], Rean kisses Gugu. 

Following right after, we see Fushi feeling unbearable pain. Gugu and Rean’s last moments together were cruel to watch, but honestly, it was Fushi’s denial that really hit me hard. It’s heart-aching to think about their brotherly bond and how it ends like this. Gugu was an absolute good boy and a true man. 

[Who’s cutting onions?!]

5. When Fushi Pretends to Be Gugu

Heart-wrenching moments To Your Eternity

It’s painful to keep a secret especially when you know that the truth can hurt the other person. It’s a difficult decision. So when Fushi faces Rean, he takes on Gugu’s disguise. However, we see Rean catch on, especially after Fushi’s slip of the tongue. Seeing Rean go on with a smile is a knife to the heart. Especially the scene in the flower field when she tells her father that she won’t marry. In the end, she does know about Fushi being immortal and Gugu having “gone” with him.

“To Your Eternity” is a truly bittersweet show filled with so many deep emotions. Every part of the story is a gem. Among other things, the opening song also gives plenty of feel. Some were spoilers, some were not. For example, the adult version of March gave us false hope. The same goes for Gugu’s healed face as he saves Rean in his arms. Ouchie.

What did you think of this show? If you enjoyed it, make sure to vote for the blog series and products. Furthermore, you may read all our other “To Your Eternity” articles on the site.


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