5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

Whether you’ve found all of the hidden messages or there are still some Omori secrets left to be discovered, these hidden facts caught my eye.

5. The Floating Mirror Jump Scare

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

A unique, subtle feature of the game is the inclusion thousands of floating mirrors scattered across the dream world. These interactive pieces allow for brief, albeit often repetitive moments with his friends to be appreciated.

With the unique horror game that Omori is, the repetition might be most welcome for those who are looking for an easy jump scare. During the late-game, players get to see the reward from their hard work, making the difficult and tedious early gameplay slightly more bearable.

4. There’s A Secret Ending For Watering Basil’s Plants

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

The developers of Grisaia no Kajitsu left you some hints on when to water Basil’s plants based on where you happen to be during the tutorial. From backtracking on the Normal Route to exploring the other routes, it sometimes crosses your mind that you could be stopping progress in your playthrough. Yet a revelation in episode four makes caring for Basil’s plants seem nothing and taking care of them would have an insanely sentimental value.

3. The Slime Girls’ Mystery Potion Turns Omori Into A Girl

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

The game has a hikikomori route, which unfortunately reveals many secrets in the process. It also sets up many activities beyond the typical goings on of Hanazono or the Muddy Shrine, where new recruits and Anadene can be found.

After finishing his duty to help Medusa, Omori finds a Mystery Potion that will change his character into a girl. By playing through the events of the mystery potion, Omori is able to enter the girls’ bathroom of Last Resort. Upon entering the bathroom and watching a string of Polaroids from Basil’s house, players witness plants strikingly similar to those found at Basil’s home.

2. The Old Black Space Rooms Are Scattered Across The Hikikomori Route


5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori
5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

Upon reaching the end of the game, players get to explore Black Space with Sunny’s past vividly playing out with visitors who want to try and contact him; this occurrence gives more weight towards the character’s refusal to leave his shadowed comfort zone.

The older, black screen rooms of the Hikikomori Route are scattered around the map, and only accessible once until they disappear.

1. The Original Track From Undertale’s Toby Fox

5 Thing You Probably Might Not Know In Omori

Hobbeez is a thematic, tonal departure point for Undertale. While the two games are fundamentally different across different areas, one can’t deny that there are certain thematic and tonal similarities between Omori and Undertale. One of the clearest indications of the kindship between the two games is found behind the Jackson poster in Hobbeez.

So after ‘defeating’ Jackson, you can find the Merry CD on the ground behind the poster in which playing it in a jukebox will have an original track from Toby Fox – the creator of Undertale.

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